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09:56 Redmine Feature #5272: Allow multiple target versions
Tried to use a multiselect custom field but it's so different from the default _Target version_ field.
_Target versi...
Eraldo Girardi
09:47 Redmine Patch #5510: Enable Mutliple Versions Per Issue
Hope this feature could really be integrated into Redmine. It's so useful for my company because we have to manta...
Eraldo Girardi


09:01 Redmine Feature #7603: Please make editing issues more obvious than "Change properties (More)"
+1 All my coworkers are asking for this fix. Hope to see it in the next release Eraldo Girardi


16:27 Redmine Open discussion: RE: efficiently adding custom fields to multiple projects and sub projects?
I completely agree with you. This is really really useful.
And the same is for roles and permissions, ...
Eraldo Girardi


11:45 Redmine Help: RE: Users and permissions from project to subprojects
Stefan Hållén wrote:
> Because you might want to have for instance one "external" project for clients and PM's and o...
Eraldo Girardi
11:23 Redmine Help: RE: Users and permissions from project to subprojects
I completely agree with Gerry and his proposal.
Felix, so there is really no way to massively add/edit permissions f...
Eraldo Girardi


11:25 Redmine Help: Users and permissions from project to subprojects
Hello all,
I have Redmine 1.0.3 (trunk 4362) installed on our server.
Now I have a project with about 80 subproje...
Eraldo Girardi


15:24 Redmine Help: RE: Rake abortion: undefined method `reply' for class `IssuesController'
I got it working with the changes I wrote here:
Eraldo Girardi


10:09 Redmine Development: RE: Merging Files & Documents
This is a really nice idea!
It would be helpful to attach files to any issues from a central Media Library.
Eraldo Girardi


14:29 Redmine Feature #617: wiki: thoughts of WYSIWYG
Great Hubert! Hope to see you soon with other good news! Eraldo Girardi

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