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13:15 Redmine Patch #1568: Added Support for htpasswd authentication
There is a way to do the same thing with latest version (1.1.2) ?
I've tried to apply patch on it but it doesn't wor...
Andrea Maleci


12:53 Redmine Patch #2144 (Closed): Patch for main-level repository
Here is a patch for High-level repository, ref to Issue #2120.
Here how it works:
If a changeset refers to an Iss...
Andrea Maleci


18:28 Redmine Feature #2120 (Closed): Different views between develop and funcional
Using Redmine I have problems linking with SCM (Subversion), because:
* I have multiple projects on Redmine
* Eac...
Andrea Maleci


17:19 Redmine Defect #1946 (Closed): E-mail notification for document, news and forum
I've some problem with e-mail notification.
I would like to receive e-mail notifications for each new document or ne...
Andrea Maleci


11:05 Redmine Feature #1043: "My Calendar" page to show assigned items (patch incl)
I've found a bug on my_calendar plugin.
If an user is not involved on any project (e.g. admin), if you click on my...
Andrea Maleci


14:01 Redmine Help: Ref with revision to roadmap version
Is it possible to reference a revision (tipically tagging activity) to a roadmap version ?
I have to modify code or ...
Andrea Maleci


16:17 Redmine Feature #1707 (New): Sending e-mail to roles involved on status changed.
Tipically we have different teams involved on a project, related by strict redmine workflow.
When an issue status ch...
Andrea Maleci
15:54 Redmine Feature #1690 (Resolved): Calendar cross-project including Roadmap activity
Thanks Carl. I've just installed your plug-in, and it works fine.
Good job, to you and to Redmine!!!
Andrea Maleci


12:34 Redmine Feature #1690 (Closed): Calendar cross-project including Roadmap activity
We are trying to use Redmine on our company work-flow.
We would like to match due date of a roadmap with deploy on p...
Andrea Maleci


09:59 Redmine Feature #1565 (Closed): Custom query on My page
Should be nice to add on my page folder a saved custom query. Andrea Maleci

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