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Different views between develop and funcional

Added by Andrea Maleci almost 14 years ago.

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Using Redmine I have problems linking with SCM (Subversion), because:

  • I have multiple projects on Redmine
  • Each project uses more than one SCM component (library, fron-end, back-end, authentication, etc..), with some of them shared between projects.
  • I can link only one SCM repository to a project.

Doing this I have done high-level project, one for macro-area, using subproject for real project.
My intent was to link macro-area to SCM repository, hoping that subproject inherit their parent SCM.

It seems not to be a good idea.

I've changed ./app/models/changeset.rb, and with this patch I can see now the revision link on my Issue:

*** 83,88 ****
--- 88,99 ----
        action = match[0]
        target_issue_ids = match[1].scan(/\d+/)
        target_issues = repository.project.issues.find_all_by_id(target_issue_ids)
+       #Ora i child
+       Project.find(:all, :conditions => ["parent_id = ?", repository.project.id]).each { |cp|
+       target_issues = target_issues + cp.issues.find_all_by_id(target_issue_ids)
+      }
        if fix_status && fix_keywords.include?(action.downcase)
          # update status of issues
          logger.debug "Issues fixed by changeset #{self.revision}: #{issue_ids.join(', ')}." if logger && logger.debug?

Now if I click on revision number I get a 404 error, not found, instead of see changes on my code.
I suppose that someone else have the same problem, matching funcional view with project (and developement) view.
Any idea on how to resolve my error ?
Does someone has a better idea on how to review my project ?

Thanks a lot,

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