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09:37 Redmine Feature #2964: Ability to assign issues to groups
Basically I ask the same question Damien asks. Why is this feature not yet implemented in Redmine? Isn't this the typ...


11:21 Redmine Feature #2905: Enable per-tracker issue status set
Maybe I don't fully understand what it is that you want; but doesn't Redmine already support this feature? You can ad...


23:15 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
Oleg, thansk for your reply.
I made some changes to the patch you submitted. Basically for my own usage since I do...
16:27 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
Oleg Volkov wrote:
> We see only the number, names and contents are not visible.
True. But why? If I'm not allowe...
16:13 Redmine Feature #1554: Private comments in tickets
Would be very useful indeed. That way a person working on an issue can update the issue with information not visible ...
16:01 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
Thanks. I did interpret "so conceived" as "by design". ;) But why was this "conceived" that way? Why am I allowed to...
14:46 Redmine Feature #2964: Ability to assign issues to groups
Also, on the "vies all issues" overview page, groups are not listed in the "Assigned to" filter.
14:41 Redmine Feature #337: Private issues
Private issues are visible on the project overview even without the "View private issues" privilege. My test project ...
14:05 Redmine Feature #2964: Ability to assign issues to groups
Thanks for creating this patch. I just applied it and the patch seems to work fine. One feature I miss is the visibli...

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