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10:20 Redmine Feature #1338: Allow review watch list
Please can this be marked as a duplicate/relates to issue #398


15:44 Redmine Help: RE: Watchers of the particular issue
I haven't looked at it yet, but I might because it is the ideal I set out with when building the patch. I wanted to f...
12:42 Redmine Feature #898: add project specific css class to body tag
This has the cost of a file_exists check for every page load, which is not ideal.
My attached patch just adds an i...
10:06 Redmine Feature #1338: Allow review watch list
Created a screenshot to illustrate how it looks
09:49 Redmine Help: RE: Reviewing and managing watchers of a particular issue
I have taken this a bit further and added management tools for watchers.
The patch included on ticket #1338 adds b...
09:33 Redmine Feature #1338: Allow review watch list
I have built a patch (against the 0.7-stable branch) which allows one to review "watchers" of a ticket, and make your...


14:22 Redmine Patch #1601 (New): Make second level navigation for all views in repository controller
We are using redmine for internal project management, and we found it lacking a consistent second level navigation wh...

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