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Allow review watch list

Added by Alon Bar-Lev over 15 years ago. Updated almost 15 years ago.

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Just browsed the issue list, I am missing the list of people who watch the issue.

It is important so you know how many people interested in an issue/feature.

It also important so you can discuss related issues offline.

Can you please consider showing the current watchers to the issue view?

Thank you!


issue_watchers_management.patch (4 KB) issue_watchers_management.patch Patch to add basic watch management to issues in redmine Bradley Whittington, 2008-07-31 09:33
Screenshot-2.png (97.7 KB) Screenshot-2.png Screenshot illustration watcher management Bradley Whittington, 2008-07-31 10:06

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Actions #1

Updated by Bradley Whittington over 15 years ago

I have built a patch (against the 0.7-stable branch) which allows one to review "watchers" of a ticket, and make your own additions. At the moment anyone who is on a project can add watchers to any ticket. This is fine for our (i.e. my) uses, but obviously needs a permission associated with it. The patch is not 100% consistent with redmine's code structure, as far as I see, but works effectively. I did not know how to make it more generic so that watches on other objects could be done.

I would appreciate feedback and improvements.

We are going to try this current patch out and may make the additions of an associated role permission, and an additions of watchers at issue creation time.

I have steered clear of removing watchers (would be pretty straightforward to add), since I think people should only be able to remove themselves from tickets (but may get added as a watcher by anyone)

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Updated by Bradley Whittington over 15 years ago

Created a screenshot to illustrate how it looks

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Updated by Daniel N over 15 years ago

+1 A feature I am still really missing since migrating from mantis to redmine - very important for collaboration and workflow. Please integrate...

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Updated by Markus Knittig about 15 years ago

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A features like this added in r1712. See

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Updated by Bradley Whittington about 15 years ago

Please can this be marked as a duplicate/relates to issue #398

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 15 years ago

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