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15:17 Redmine Patch #7528: Fetch small initial set of repository changesets
Fair enough, but git repos are still read in chunks of 200 - I don't use the rev num, but the number of revisions - i... Andy Bolstridge


15:49 Redmine Feature #14350 (New): Support for SVN 1.8's svnpubsub feature
Can we have support added for the new (in v1.8) Subversion feature svnpubsub. This is a daemon that pushes post-commi... Andy Bolstridge


11:07 Redmine Feature #858: Create Team tickets
This is a comment I added to #408, where there are still comments being added for multiple users assigned to a ticket... Andy Bolstridge


15:50 Redmine Help: RE: TFS and Redmine?
you're right - it is an all-in-one SCM, task, workflow, bugtracker, CI etc tool.
However, it is MS-only (obviously...
Andy Bolstridge


14:12 Redmine Feature #779: Multiple SCM per project
I just wanted to make sure the most common use-case was catered for :)
I'm not sure about access-control. From my ...
Andy Bolstridge
01:47 Redmine Feature #779: Multiple SCM per project
One important aspect is the need to have the same repo specified in multiple projects. Think of several projects to a... Andy Bolstridge


19:52 Redmine Feature #9703: Define repositories independently from projects
I'm not convinced. While it does sound 'clean' to refer to repositories separately, I think most projects will still ... Andy Bolstridge


16:07 Redmine Feature #3169: Multiple repositories for projects
I disagree that repo permissions should be part of redmine - they are something that should be set in SVN itself. Red... Andy Bolstridge


15:04 Redmine Help: RE: How to configure redmine with Apache to be accessible through an URL of type ?
I would get rid of all the stuff in your Directory except for what I showed you.
Make sure you have the PassengerRo...
Andy Bolstridge
14:41 Redmine Help: RE: revision / changeset links
I get you now. I've upgraded to 1.1.3, manually applied the patches I have, and it's working corerectly now - the iss... Andy Bolstridge

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