TFS and Redmine?

Added by Fabricio Martinez about 13 years ago

Is there anyone working an interface for redmine and TFS?

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RE: TFS and Redmine? - Added by Corey Sanderson about 12 years ago

I too would be interested about hearing about this.

RE: TFS and Redmine? - Added by William Roush about 12 years ago

TFS source control?

As I understand it TFS is an all-in-one solution (project management, ticket tracking, issue tracking, etc.) so I just want to clarify what you think should be interfaced with and how.

RE: TFS and Redmine? - Added by Andy Bolstridge almost 12 years ago

you're right - it is an all-in-one SCM, task, workflow, bugtracker, CI etc tool.

However, it is MS-only (obviously) and has some limitations when trying to use it with any non-MS technology (obviously). Its also very 'report based' - ie you don't get the usual redmine style pages, you get a list of reports you can run to retrieve the data you would otherwise see on a redmine page. That makes it less intuitive than tools like Redmine to use.

It can be used as a SCM only so I guess that's what the OP wants - TFS as source control linked into Redmine as a (better, IMHO) project management tool.