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11:05 Redmine Feature #24345 (New): Reload issue detail view on modification by other user
It would be great, if the issue detail view would get reloaded automatically, if another user modify┬┤s the issue in a... Dominique Lederer


11:51 Redmine Defect #13924: Error when using views/issues/index.api.rsb in a plugin
with redmine 3 you also have to copy/paste views/issues/index.pdf.erb and views/issues/show.pdf.erb :( Dominique Lederer


17:28 Redmine Feature #12005: Mightful workflow field enhancement: hide
+1 Dominique Lederer


13:48 Redmine Defect #13924: Error when using views/issues/index.api.rsb in a plugin
Kumar Akarsh wrote:
> After trying out few things I eventually figured out a solution for this. If you are overridin...
Dominique Lederer


15:47 Redmine Feature #11963: Hide the estimated times on issues for certain roles
i created a plugin that hides "estimated_hours" from most of this views, take a look at
Dominique Lederer
14:25 Redmine Defect #13924 (Closed): Error when using views/issues/index.api.rsb in a plugin
when i overwrite index.api.rsb in a plugin (just copied the original file to the plugin), visiting /issues via web br... Dominique Lederer


14:51 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to hide spent/estimated time in the roadmap for specific roles?
my plugins hides the estimated and spent time role based, see Dominique Lederer
14:50 Redmine Feature #3088: Estimated hours field able to hide role based
made a plugin for this: Dominique Lederer


11:36 Redmine Defect #5514: Tags are not properly closed (XHTML)
please close this as invalid, i reported a wrong problem, sorry for that. Dominique Lederer
11:34 Redmine Defect #5526 (Closed): Using Images from the Files Section on a Wiki Page throws Error
On i Wiki Page, i embedded Images uploaded via the Redmine Files section. But sometimes, these Images throw a 500 Ser... Dominique Lederer

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