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17:43 Redmine Feature #26155 (New): Show projects' hierarchy in 'Spent time' report
Currently, when by-project breakdown is used in 'Spent time', information about projects' hierarchy is lost. This is ...


07:10 Redmine Defect #25822 (Closed): 'Spent time' report is timezone-dependent (which it should not)
It appears that 'Spent time' report is timezone-dependent. That means it may show data differently depending on curre...


06:55 Redmine Feature #24568 (Closed): Show locked users in 'Users' filter for 'Spent time' report
It is not possible to select a locked user for 'Spent time' report using 'User' filter option (only Active users are ...


19:03 Redmine Feature #24299 (New): Reflect project membership changes in Activity history
There is no way right now in Redmine to track when a certain user was added or removed to a project. It is suggested ...


22:14 Redmine Defect #24008: Remove 'Copied from' / 'Copied to' relationship between issues
This addresses my specific use-case. I would still recommend to remove it even as a configurable option, for the reas...


00:11 Redmine Defect #24008 (Closed): Remove 'Copied from' / 'Copied to' relationship between issues
The 'copy' relationship does not represent actual dependencies between Issues, but rather a way a particular issue wa...


21:22 Redmine Feature #23822 (New): Allow 'Spent time' reporting even if 'Time tracking' module is disabled
It should be possible to get reports on 'Spent time' even if 'Time tracking' module is disabled (but without possibil...

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