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13:24 Redmine Patch #16069: Allow configuration of API limit instead of hardcoding at 100
Too sad, this patch was shifted.
What is the reason?
We're really waiting for this patch and all seems to be don...


17:10 Redmine Patch #16069: Allow configuration of API limit instead of hardcoding at 100
We would also appreciate higher values than 100. Some of our tools need to load all items visible to a user and there...


11:41 Redmine Feature #21158 (New): Send E-Mail to Redmine: Copy E-Mail Header into Ticket Note
I frequently bcc redmine, when I send project updates to clients.
In the case redmine is not the only receipient,...


13:07 Redmine Defect #19227: Users.xml broken
Wow. Superspeed Feedback.
Sorry. couldn't find this issue by the keywords I searched for.
12:37 Redmine Defect #19227 (Closed): Users.xml broken
I put a request on users.xml.
User that logged in for the last time on redmine 2.1 get a xml-well-formated last_l...


19:28 Redmine Plugins: RE: URL for Filedownload for external Users
No one interested?
Is any developer around, who'd like to send me a quote on this?


11:19 Redmine Defect #5373: Translation missing when adding invalid watchers
We had the same issue, after we upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.1.2 stable.
I went thru all users, opened their config pa...


22:56 Redmine Plugins: URL for Filedownload for external Users
We use Redmine internally. Publishing files, builds in example, is a frequently used function.
Our clients usually ...


13:20 Redmine Defect #2719: Increase username length limit from 30 to 60
working on 0.9.3 stable I saw this issue. When will this patch be merge into the stable branch?

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