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13:02 Redmine Feature #18556: Add ability to configure limit of attachments at once
+1 for this feature.
It wouldn't be so bad if inline images didn't have to be "attachments" - many of our issues wi...
Phil Valentine


08:37 Redmine Feature #3952: Filtering by subproject still shows current project's issues
I too was bemused when my filter did not do as I expected.
Filter say show me things that are:
Phil Valentine


15:47 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Highlighting in a PRE block (NOT syntax highlighting)
Thanks, a bit annoying, it would be a very useful feature!
Thanks for confirming that I'm not just "missing it" thou...
Phil Valentine
12:38 Redmine Open discussion: Highlighting in a PRE block (NOT syntax highlighting)
I currently make use of the code syntax highlighting in Redmine tickets which works well using the @< pre > < code cl... Phil Valentine


15:39 Redmine Feature #2636: Feature Request: Wiki ACLs (Access control for individual pages)
+1 Yes please, we have information applicable to fellow 'developers' that it is not desirable to have shared with oth... Phil Valentine


10:01 Redmine Feature #5358: Share Issues Categories for sub-projects
This would be really useful, it seems counter-intuitive that sub-projects need to have all their own categories...
Phil Valentine

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