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03:46 Redmine Defect #6079 (Closed): German Translation error in TimeEntryActivity
The word "Activ" should be "Aktiv" at /enumerations/new?type=TimeEntryActivity Alfons L.


23:01 Redmine Defect #6070 (New): User doesn't see his own Tickets in Redmine when submitted by Mail
When a user submits Issues via Mail and get automatically an Email with his Account data, he could Login to Redmine b... Alfons L.
22:52 Redmine Defect #6069 (New): No Outgoing Mails when Customer creates Ticket via Mail
When a customer creates an Issue and the user is auto-generated (unknown_user=create) by the system, he will not get ... Alfons L.
22:41 Redmine Feature #6066: Change Ticket Submitter from "Anonymous" to his Email
Maybe this is related to one of my other tickets (#6068) - if unknown_user=create and it would be possible to do a "s... Alfons L.
22:28 Redmine Feature #6066 (New): Change Ticket Submitter from "Anonymous" to his Email
When a client has submitted an issue, in the detail view is no chance to see who was the submitter, it only says "fro... Alfons L.
22:37 Redmine Feature #6068 (Closed): Make a Silent Registration for new Mail Customers
When receiving an Email from a customer and the option unknown_user=create is set, he will get an Email with his Acco... Alfons L.
22:31 Redmine Feature #6067 (New): Change Ticket Status from Closed to Open on Email Reply
When a customer replies via Email to an issue that was closed before, the Status should change to Open.
Otherwise ...
Alfons L.

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