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02:17 Redmine Feature #5977: "check status" feature to verify validity of Redmine installation and API access key
would doing a HTTP HEAD request on any resource that the API provides not accomplish what you're after? Gerrit Kaiser
02:11 Redmine Feature #5997: REST API should provide valid xml response with status for EVERY request
The “status code” you're proposing is already provided by HTTP. To detect non-existing queries for instance, you coul... Gerrit Kaiser


08:52 Redmine Feature #3046 (New): Mix associated revisions with journal entries
when an issue has a number of associated revisions and comments it becomes hard to figure out the order in which thin... Gerrit Kaiser


08:57 Redmine Feature #2624 (Closed): Repository statistics should honour user-mapping
at the moment the Repository statistics graphs show different stats for two repository-users that were mapped onto on... Gerrit Kaiser
08:37 Redmine Feature #2580: Remote git repositories
+1 Gerrit Kaiser
08:36 Redmine Feature #2610: Git repository comments should use git convention for commit messages
+1 Gerrit Kaiser


11:12 Redmine Patch #1901: RESTful URLs for everything
thanks for applying this. but perhaps a major change like this would be better for a 0.9 release than a .1 point-rele... Gerrit Kaiser


10:37 Redmine Feature #2519 (New): Confirm issues received by email
When creating new issues via email, I often find myself going to the web-interface anyway to check whether the issue ... Gerrit Kaiser
10:26 Redmine Defect #2436: strip variables from received mail body (in receive_mail)
+1 bothering me a little, too Gerrit Kaiser


03:30 Redmine Feature #688: Allow the same email for two accounts
> Why not using the (anyway required) name in all UI rendering, and why not using the (anyway required and perfectly ... Gerrit Kaiser

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