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12:02 Redmine Feature #16823: IMAP STARTTLS support
I just had this problem and the patch fixed it for me.
T. Hauptman


20:52 Redmine Patch #1616: Allow email to create and reply to forum messages
I also needed this functionality. I was able to emulate a mailing list using #15141 with specific addresses going to ... T. Hauptman
20:40 Redmine Feature #16006 (Closed): Include attachments in forum post notifications
The send_notification is called on message creation, before attachments are added. In my case, I need links to attach... T. Hauptman


19:54 Redmine Plugins: RE: Using Redmine Paginator in plugin
For others that find this, the following fixed it for me:... T. Hauptman


13:58 Redmine Feature #15141: Incoming emails without redmine subject line are posted as a new message
One project I manage has a mix of redmine users and non redmine users that need to participate in the conversations r... T. Hauptman
13:44 Redmine Feature #15141 (New): Incoming emails without redmine subject line are posted as a new message
Instead of a new email creating a new issue, it should also be able to create a new message on a forum.
By specify...
T. Hauptman


23:08 Redmine Feature #14678: Add the ability to delete auto comments
Bruce Svare wrote:
> My company has a couple employees that have suggested the same thing. They don't like se...
T. Hauptman


15:31 Redmine Feature #9256 (Closed): Trackers have a description in addition to a name
When managing the list of trackers it would be helpful to have a description associated with each tracker to give hin... T. Hauptman


15:58 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineLDAP (#9)
Added a variation on the parameters that works for my environment. T. Hauptman


16:26 Redmine Defect #6135 (Resolved): Default logger configuration grows without bound.
Personally I think that defaulting a configuration that is sane, even if it's nerf, is better in the long run. Power ... T. Hauptman

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