Carlos Miguel

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23:00 Redmine Feature #34369 (New): Implementation of great added value for the Redmine System
Without this impelmentation. The system is compromised. A simple matter to resolve. I am not a Ruby programmer but th...


14:39 Redmine Feature #34220: implementation suggestion
Redmine is the best process customization tool, in addition to its project management function that I have seen in my...
14:37 Redmine Feature #34220 (New): implementation suggestion
Good Morning ! If this implementation is carried out. Redmine reaches the highest level that exists in terms of dynam...


22:35 Redmine Patch #34146 (New): Implementation
For creating the lists and making it even better. It would be important to create a relationship between the contents...


15:31 Redmine Defect #28122 (Closed): Organization of Projects
I would like information about the functionality regarding the organization of the Projects considering the presentat...

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