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04:51 Redmine Feature #13194: I'm lost
I have a love/hate relationship with plugins for this very same reason - they seem to be the biggest stumbling blocks... Ian Epperson


20:50 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api_ẅith_python (#9)
The syntax highlight only works with the first div block, so rearranging so the larger block is colored properly - ch... Ian Epperson
20:46 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api_ẅith_python (#8)
Updated link for the Python library. Added an example for it too. Ian Epperson


18:11 Redmine Feature #1972: Attachments for News
I had assumed you could attach an image to a news items, I was very surprised to find that this wasn't the case!
Ian Epperson


17:18 Redmine Feature #8531: Task's "assignee" should be specified by login instead of user ID
Duplicate of #6721 Ian Epperson


19:52 Redmine Feature #7989: Make or move subtask
Sorry, please disregard my comment. Was looking at cross-project issue links as described in #5487 Ian Epperson
19:39 Redmine Feature #7989: Make or move subtask
Etienne Massip wrote:
> 1 & 2 - "Update" the subtask, use the "more" link to get access to the "Parent" field and ty...
Ian Epperson


17:19 Redmine Feature #5794: URL custom fields
> Hi, I Applied the patch, can anyone tell me, how to use this custom field for URL?
> what is the syntax type?
Ian Epperson


17:19 Redmine Defect #7533 (New): Inline image alt-text fails due to wiki syntax
Using Redmine 1.1.0.stable.4702 (MySQL)
When an image is attached to a bug and the description contains a wiki lin...
Ian Epperson


19:33 Redmine Feature #4868: Ability to add permissions to Document categories
Similar to #4550 Ian Epperson

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