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Ability to add permissions to Document categories

Added by Evgeny Ushkalov about 14 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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Many projects requres to using documents that not accesible for all members.
The workarround it is using subrojects, but it is complex in many cases.

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Related to Redmine - Feature #4550: Allow access to files & documents to be configurable for each entry by user roleNew2010-01-11

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Updated by Amine Chen almost 14 years ago

ya, Multi-level permissions to documents and files will be very useful.

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Updated by Eraldo Girardi almost 14 years ago

Really important feature

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Updated by Ian Epperson about 13 years ago

Looking for a feature like this as well.

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Updated by Ian Epperson about 13 years ago

Similar to #4550

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Updated by Frank Helk over 12 years ago


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Updated by Giovani Spagnolo almost 12 years ago

+1 ! This is a must-have feature for organizations that need to share documentation to different levels (managers-onlyreports, technical stuff, client-ready docs...)

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Updated by Simon Cadec almost 12 years ago

Very important feature. Permissions to add, edit, delete and view documents...

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Updated by Richard Rauch almost 12 years ago

are there any news about this issue? nobody else would need such a feature.
In my project I would need a similar thing.
I grant access to my customers to specific projects (e.g. for bug tracking). in the document folder there are current Versions of user manuals, but also internal development things like protocol specifications, to which the customer should not have to access.
is it anyhow possible to create categories of documents with different access levels inside one project?
of course I could add a sub project without customer access, but this will explode the amount of projects at all...

any ideas?

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Updated by Richard Rauch almost 12 years ago

maybe for documents is is possible to implement a simple solution...

we have already document categories and we are already able to add custom fields to categories (settings in Administration)

my idea is now to create a category like "development internal" in which a custom boolean "internal" flag is checked.
in the code, which is generating the list of documents, we need to check this flag and compare to user group or permissions.

this would be a preliminary solution, it could be improved step by step...

I would write this code (maybe as plugin), but I would need assistance. I have now about 1 week experience with Redmine and Ruby on Rails. I would need assistance, where I will find corresponding code, how to access custom fields from source code and how to integrate to a plugin.
is there anybody, who will help me?

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Updated by Ben C almost 12 years ago


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Updated by @ go2null over 11 years ago



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