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11:17 Redmine Defect #32246: [Redmine API] functionality to export whole wiki
Great! What would it take to get this patch upstream? This only exposes the export endpoint of the wiki to API auth..... Adi Kriegisch


18:06 Redmine Defect #14428: ActionView::Template::Error (translation missing: en.number.human.storage_units.format)
please reopen this issue: whatever client side setting shall never, ever cause a server error (500)!
I may probabl...
Adi Kriegisch


09:08 Redmine Feature #1913: LDAP - authenticate as user
Jean-Philippe, it would be great if you can add test cases. Please let me know if you lack anything for adding this p... Adi Kriegisch


18:24 Redmine Feature #1913: LDAP - authenticate as user
Thanks, Antoine, for forward porting this patch. (Just a minor correction: this patch is available for two years now ... Adi Kriegisch


09:31 Redmine Feature #1913: LDAP - authenticate as user
Eric Davis wrote:
> Can someone post a simple OpenLDAP configuration that removes the anonymous binding so I can tes...
Adi Kriegisch


15:47 Redmine Patch #3358: Advanced LDAP authentication
I added a patch to redmine/extra/svn/ (apache auth source for svn server) to honor my (#1913) LDAP modifica... Adi Kriegisch
15:42 Redmine Patch #3712: enhanced mod_perl module for apache
I like your patch very much as it adds cool new features and cleans up the code. Thank you very much for sharing! :-)... Adi Kriegisch
15:34 Redmine Feature #1913: LDAP - authenticate as user
To make this patch usable with Apache authentication against Redmine for SVN access (ie. all the stuff that is locate... Adi Kriegisch


15:33 Redmine Defect #1914 (Closed): Some images are missing
in public/images ->
* logout.png: referenced in public/stylesheets/application.css:.icon-logout { background-image: ...
Adi Kriegisch
15:02 Redmine Feature #1913 (Closed): LDAP - authenticate as user
The attached patch allows to bind to the ldap server as the user logging in (instead of either anonymous or specific ... Adi Kriegisch

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