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01:42 Redmine Help: RE: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage / After Administrator Login
Hi Massimo,
For me it works just fine. Did you restart your mongrel windows service after running 'rake db:migrate'?


04:15 Redmine Development: RE: Redmine API usage in Delphi
Thank you, guys, for doing this amazing software! I'm glad to help.


22:30 Redmine Development: RE: Redmine API usage in Delphi
Ok, done.
22:24 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api_with_delphi (#1)
22:11 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_api (#49)


01:58 Redmine Development: Redmine API usage in Delphi
I have to integrate Redmine with a Delphi project. I hope it can help someone. I use the ICS component THttpCli.


18:15 Redmine Feature #2269: Default issue start date should become configurable.


02:55 Redmine Feature #7662: Remove Default Date Stamp at Start Date


02:31 Redmine Feature #5487: Allow subtasks to cross projects
Yeah! Etienne, thank you! There's another feature you should take a look, cause is related: #5275
02:20 Redmine Feature #6798: allow subtasks in subprojects
Go to feature #5487. I think is exactly what you need.

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