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20:48 Redmine Help: RE: Upgrading to 1.2.0, rake aborted
So, I'm not very familiar with ruby or rake specifically, so I did not interpret the error message of rake.
13:08 Redmine Help: Upgrading to 1.2.0, rake aborted
I'm upgrading to 1.2.0 and get the followig error:
*simt@greybit:~/redmine-1.2.0$ rake --trace generate_s...


10:55 Redmine Help: Issue numeration
Is it possible to reset the numeration of issues?
Also, can I separate the numeration of issues in differen...


16:38 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine + Apache + Passenger
I had the same issue as Graham Roberts described in his first post.
In my case it was not SELinux related, and delet...

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