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16:02 Redmine Feature #4244: Multiple email addresses for each user
This would definitely reduce the amount of unnecessary duplicate user accounts
Dan Scharon


11:53 Redmine Feature #2849: Drag and Drop Calendar Support
Dan Scharon


16:28 Redmine Feature #6067: Change Ticket Status from Closed to Open on Email Reply
There is a patch available at #7994 Dan Scharon
16:27 Redmine Feature #7994: reopen closed issues on e-mail
This issue is a duplicate of #6067 Dan Scharon
16:20 Redmine Help: RE: Email keywords Start fields
Start date: YYYY-MM-DD
Due date: YYYY-MM-DD
Dan Scharon


14:36 Redmine Defect #8477: Undefined method `html_safe!'
This bug is caused by a regression within the debian package of rails, which was introduced in
the (security) upgrad...
Dan Scharon


10:00 Redmine Feature #3452: Per project email notifications settings panel
There is a patch available at #7349 (which is a duplicate of this ticket) Dan Scharon


12:52 Redmine Help: RE: Project specific emission email address
Mark Thomas wrote:
> Looks like this is planned for version 1.0. See issue #4462 (and its related issue #4015)
Dan Scharon
12:48 Redmine Feature #4462: Per Project Emission Address
Indeed, this is actually a must have. Dan Scharon


15:23 Redmine Open discussion: Disable Account Activation Mail when unknown_user=create?
Hello there,
I configured a redmine alias on my MTA with rdm-mailhandler.rb and the option "unknown_user=create".
Dan Scharon

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