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14:11 Redmine Feature #8363: Git: Pull requests
Redmine lack some feature repository management as a pull request, create/add/remove repository on settings (at...


07:03 Redmine Feature #30927 (New): Add feature cloud storage attachment
In Rails 5.2, ActiveStorage is a new function make easy storage cloud as Amazon S3, Google...
The default Attachme...
06:58 Redmine Feature #30775: Build-in analog SCM_Creator
Redmine should support creating automated repositories like the redmine_scm plugin.
The attachment file as below, ...


05:17 Redmine Feature #30486: Convert all jQuery to ECMA Script
In the future, I think Redmine need convert to API only at the backend and React/Vue/Angular in the frontend.
Rails ...


13:44 Redmine Patch #29424: Convert migration file from 4.2 to 5.2
And this is an attach file raw source code in db.
13:42 Redmine Patch #29424 (New): Convert migration file from 4.2 to 5.2
I recently saw Redmine use Rails 5.2.1, which is a good thing.
However, upgrading to Rails 5.2.1 does not simply a...


10:49 Redmine Feature #23630: Migrate to Rails 5.2
The process of migrating to 5.2.1 does not simply add Rails 5.2.1 to the Gemfile.
It also involves changing the "A...


08:36 Redmine Feature #25140: [API] authentication with JSON Web Tokens
I think JWT is necessary.
Using the API key will require more actions, which is to force the user to create a key,...


06:07 Redmine Defect #29291 (Closed): NoMethodError: undefined method `migrate' for Redmine::Plugin::Migrator:C...
Run command:...


11:10 Redmine Patch #16313: Allow to link to an anchor of the current wikipage
Please push to Github.

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