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Rails 6: Zeitwerk support

Added by Pavel Rosický over 1 year ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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DEPRECATION WARNING: Initialization autoloaded the constants ActiveRecord::Acts,
 ActiveRecord::Acts::Tree, Redmine::I18n, Redmine::Helpers, Redmine::Helpers::URL
, Redmine::SafeAttributes, Redmine::SubclassFactory, CustomField, Redmine::Utils,
 Redmine::Configuration, Redmine::Scm::Adapters::CommandFailed, IssueRelation,
 Redmine::WikiFormatting::Macros, Redmine::Pagination, Redmine::SudoMode, ApplicationHelper
, Redmine::WikiFormatting::Textile, Redmine::WikiFormatting::Textile::Formatter,
 Redmine::WikiFormatting::Textile::Helper, Redmine::WikiFormatting::HtmlParser
, Redmine::WikiFormatting::Textile::HtmlParser, Redmine::WikiFormatting::Markdown,
 Redmine::WikiFormatting::Markdown::Formatter, Redmine::WikiFormatting::Markdown::HTML,
 Redmine::WikiFormatting::Markdown::Helper, Redmine::WikiFormatting::Markdown::HtmlParser,
 Redmine::Views::ApiTemplateHandler, and Setting.

Being able to do this is deprecated. Autoloading during initialization is going
to be an error condition in future versions of Rails.

Reloading does not reboot the application, and therefore code executed during
initialization does not run again. So, if you reload ActiveRecord::Acts, for example,
the expected changes won't be reflected in that stale Module object.

`config.autoloader` is set to `classic`. These autoloaded constants would have been unloaded if `config.autoloader` had been set to `:zeitwerk`.

Please, check the "Autoloading and Reloading Constants" guide for solutions.

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#3 Updated by Enziin System over 1 year ago

+1 Thank you!

#4 Updated by Marius BALTEANU 4 months ago

Pavel, do you have any working patch for this?

#5 Updated by Pavel Rosický 4 months ago

sry, I don't. This is a pretty heavy change and Redmine has a lot of technical debt in this area. But I have a few hints based on my findings:

Zeitwerk depends on Rails conventions, especially the folder structure.
1/ initializers
depends on

include Redmine::I18n

before lib/redmine.rb is loaded, so it triggers autoload. Split them into modules, require explicitly.

2/ there're multiple module definitions in a single file (many places), that don't match the filename and the expected folder structure.
3/ Ruby / Rails patches are global from the pre Ruby 2.0 era. They're patched non-deterministically in some random file

module ActiveRecord
  class Base
    def self.human_attribute_name(attr, options = {})

or a require chain like this

this issue can be avoided by using manual require at startup time, but you may consider using refinements instead

4/ require_dependency should be removed

here's a Rails guide and there's also an example of how to deal with STI

5/ autoloads based on #constantize

6/ a folder structure violations, a few examples

module RedmineDiff
  class Diff

should be
class Diff

module Redmine
  class Diff

7/ module names should use camel-case, upper-case is reserved for constants

I think now it's pretty clear this is an extremely breaking change. Redmine is a part 1, but even if we fix all these issues, it's impossible to keep compatibility for plugins, but it's well, unavoidable...

Zeitwerk mode can be enabled by putting

config.load_defaults 6.1

into config/application.rb

and tested by

rails zeitwerk:check

Zeitwerk mode will become mandatory in Rails 7.

I think that decisions like module names and folder structure should be discussed with your core team. It's hard to accept a small PR without a confirmation it fixes anything and on the other hand, a big PR might include changes you won't be eventually willing to accept. I would recommend you to investigate these problems yourself, split them into smaller tasks and comment them with your expectations. The community can help you solve it this way, but this task is too big with many open questions.

#6 Updated by Pavel Rosický 4 months ago

I had to remove some references due to your spam protection :)

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#9 Updated by Mizuki ISHIKAWA 3 months ago

I haven't tried it, it seems that problem 7 can be avoided by writing config/initializers/inflations.rb.

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