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04:04 Redmine Feature #33820: Auto Complete wiki page links
I attach a patch that adds this feature.
04:03 Redmine Feature #33820 (New): Auto Complete wiki page links
I think it would be useful to use the functionality of Tribute to auto complete the title of a wiki page at *@[[wiki ...


06:41 Redmine Feature #33425: Auto complete wiki macros
With 33425_v2.patch, there was a problem that tribute would be re-initialized even if it was already initialized.


04:06 Redmine Defect #33787: Redmine::ApiTest::UsersTest fail if config.time_zone is set
This is a fix for the test added in #33592.


09:05 Redmine Feature #1040: Global wiki
I've attached a patch that adds a global wiki.
The test is a draft version not yet written.
Any feedback is welco...


08:37 Redmine Feature #29473: Handle Ctrl+Enter while editing issue
I have attached a patch.
Add hisSubmitAction variable to not show "do you really want to leave this site?"
Not te...


18:58 Redmine Patch #33728: Remove unused variable Query#filter_name
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Thank you for reporting the issue. I prefer the following fix because filter_id and filter_name ar...


03:00 Redmine Defect #10098: last_login_on set to wrong time when config.active_record.default_timezone = :utc
It could not be reproduced in the development environment. May be due to differences in environment.
However, I agre...


01:37 Redmine Feature #33730: Add new issue links for each version to the version list page
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Thank you for posting the improvement.
> I suggest making the patch more consistent with /ver...


07:13 Redmine Feature #33602: Add an interface to filter activities by user
I will attach the patch.
I wrote the code to generate user options based on the code to generate the Author options ...

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