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08:04 Redmine Patch #38216 (Closed): Add template filenames as comments to HTML output in development mode
This patch adds HTML comments to the rendered output indicating where each template begins and ends in development an... Takashi Kato


07:15 Redmine Defect #36273: Modifying the source code of a plugin does not reload it after r21295
After some research, I've found out that the directory settings monitored by Zeitwerk and monitored by the Reloader ... Takashi Kato


01:05 Redmine Patch #37664: Preload all stylesheets and JavaScripts
Preloading doesn't work for plugin assets because calling from @call_hook@ lost the context, not the helper customiza... Takashi Kato


12:22 Redmine Patch #37664: Preload all stylesheets and JavaScripts
This patch adds a "Link header": to the HTTP response h... Takashi Kato


23:37 Redmine Patch #37664 (New): Preload all stylesheets and JavaScripts
All browsers usually block HTML from rendering when loading stylesheets and javascript. Preloading the stylesheet and... Takashi Kato


11:33 Redmine Defect #37566 (Closed): The number of the ordered list in the project description is not displayed and the indentation does not match the unordered list
How to reproduce
1. create a project and its child project.
2. description source is as follows.
Parent Projec...
Takashi Kato


04:16 Redmine Patch #37559 (New): Use meta element instead of javascript object
Modify autocomplete paths to be held in meta elements instead of JSON.
It reduces coupling compared to writing javas...
Takashi Kato
01:09 Redmine Patch #37558 (New): Update webdrivers to 5.0
Upgrade webdrivers, etc. To enable system tests can be run on ruby3 or later.
In addition, we do not load the driv...
Takashi Kato


03:49 Redmine Patch #37486 (New): Add JavaScript unit tests.
Currently, Redmine does not have JavaScript unit tests; I propose to add lightweight unit tests in a Node.js environm... Takashi Kato


15:19 Redmine Defect #37481 (Closed): Fix the unintentional selection of rows with the context menu
There is a problem when selecting an issue row with the context menu.
Steps to Reproduce
1. Display the issue l...
Takashi Kato

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