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11:37 Redmine Feature #8306: Quick links on the "Projects" page
Daniel Felix wrote:
> But the "issues" dropdown isn't much useful. On projects with some hundred open tickets, this ...
Andreas Bosch


14:24 Redmine Help: Upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0.x - is it possible?
we are still running Redmine v1.0, but would like to upgrade to profit from all the new features added during ...
Andreas Bosch


14:12 Redmine Feature #8991: Nested versions for projects with sub-projects
I chose the category "Issues planning", but a category "Versions" would be more appropriate. Maybe such a category sh... Andreas Bosch
13:59 Redmine Feature #8991 (New): Nested versions for projects with sub-projects
It would be nice if there could also be nested versions if a project has sub-projects. I would have called it _"sub-v... Andreas Bosch


16:17 Redmine Defect #8315: Unexplained breakage
I had the same problem here. It seems to be related to the log rotation which may be configured in "[REDMINE_DIR]/con... Andreas Bosch


09:34 Redmine Feature #8306: Quick links on the "Projects" page
I thought I add the image inline, so that it is not necessary to find the image... cannot edit the original issue des... Andreas Bosch
09:32 Redmine Feature #8306 (New): Quick links on the "Projects" page
It would be great if we could have some quick links to common tasks/pages on the "Projects" page, i.e. the page where... Andreas Bosch


14:35 Redmine Feature #5490: Option for independent subtask priority/start date/due date/done ratio
Any idea when this might be integrated? I think this is a major problem because it makes the subtasks feature complet... Andreas Bosch


11:13 Redmine Defect #5880: Only consider open subtasks when computing the priority of a parent issue
+1 - related to #5490 and #6847
Also see "my forum post": regarding th...
Andreas Bosch
10:57 Redmine Help: RE: Why does a parent task priority also consider the priority of _closed_ sub-tasks?
_Just in case anyone with a similar problem stumbles upon this..._
I have found two issues which come close to the...
Andreas Bosch

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