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Quick links on the "Projects" page

Added by Andreas Bosch almost 12 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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It would be great if we could have some quick links to common tasks/pages on the "Projects" page, i.e. the page where all available projects are listed (http://www.redmine.org/projects).

Currently, this page only contains links to the projects' overview pages which is almost never what I want. I would rather like to...
  • go to the project's issues
  • add a new issue
  • go to the roadmap
  • go to recent activity
  • ...

All this currently takes a few clicks. For example, if I am watching an issue in project A, and want to switch to an issue in project B, I currently click on "Projects" in the main menu, click on the project, click on "Issues", and click on the desired issue. So 4 clicks and page loads - which might take some time depending on the server's response time!

I propose to add small links behind/below the project name/description which take the user to the respective page directly. It would also be a neat feature if the user could open the latest 5-10 issues directly from the "Projects" page. This could be a drop-down or an expander control which dynamically loads the issue links only when it is expanded. This way, the example above would be reduced to 2 clicks.

See the attached screenshot for a sketch of a GUI proposal.

I would implement this myself as it does not sound too complicated, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of Ruby...

ProjectsPageQuickLinks.png (15.8 KB) Andreas Bosch, 2011-05-06 09:32

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#1 Updated by Andreas Bosch almost 12 years ago

I thought I add the image inline, so that it is not necessary to find the image... cannot edit the original issue description unfortunately.

#2 Updated by Ivan Cenov almost 12 years ago

Why not use "Jump to a project..." drop-down list next to the Search Edit box (up-right)? If you have entered the issues list of a project jumping to another project will bring you directly to the the issues list of that project.


#3 Updated by Dmitry Babenko about 11 years ago

Patch #9697 provides the info about progress of all projects and adds direct links to project's issues, versions and version's issues.

#4 Updated by Daniel Felix about 10 years ago

+1 for this.

But the "issues" dropdown isn't much useful. On projects with some hundred open tickets, this dropdown would be quite overloaded. ;-)

#5 Updated by Dmitry Babenko about 10 years ago

Progressive Projects List plugin solves this issue.

#6 Updated by Daniel Felix about 10 years ago

Yes i know, but plugins could be tricky if the core changes. And this one is quite useful, which would make it worth to add this to the system core.

I use the same functionality in many other ticket tracker and crm software. I experienced that many people liked this. :-)

#7 Updated by Andreas Bosch about 10 years ago

Daniel Felix wrote:

But the "issues" dropdown isn't much useful. On projects with some hundred open tickets, this dropdown would be quite overloaded. ;-)

That's why I wrote "opens drop down with latest issues" in the screenshot. This could contain the latest 5-10 issues. The number could probably be configurable. Or it would contain the issues added/updated within the last 10 days, but a maximum of 10 issues. Something like that...

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