Takeshi Yaegashi

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Reported issues: 4


19:22 Redmine Defect #12744: Unable to call a macro with a name that contains uppercase letters
Jean-Philippe Lang wrote:
> Fix committed with test in r11126, thanks for pointing this out.
> Maybe we should even...
11:12 Redmine Patch #12754 (Closed): Updated Japanese translation for notice_account_register_done
The complete translation provides missing and important information on account registration by email.
10:37 Redmine Patch #12753 (Closed): Update config.i18n.load_path for plugin-supplied locales
With Rails 3 @Redmine::Plugin.register@ should update @Rails.application.config.i18n.load_path@ for plugin-supplied l...


11:54 Redmine Feature #9419 (Closed): Group/sort the issue list by user/version-format custom fields
I'm using 1.2.1 and I wonder why I cannot get issue search results grouped by user/version-format custom fields.


01:12 Redmine Defect #6858: Wrong translation merge for ja.po (revert r4313)
attachment:revert-r4313.patch should be applied under source:/branches/1.0-stable/. Thanks.


10:09 Redmine Defect #6858 (Closed): Wrong translation merge for ja.po (revert r4313)
Some changes made in r4313 should be reverted, at least ones for ja.po.
There are many labels which are not seen i...

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