Jeff Wilson

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20:20 Redmine Help: Can a defect state be created that only the author can close?
Can anyone tell me if a state can be created in Redmine, like "Withdrawn", that only the creator of an issue has perm...


16:24 Redmine Help: Git commit associations
Hi folks,
I couldn't find a related question in the forums, so I hope one isn't there. Is there a way to associate...


20:50 Redmine Help: Removing "Estimated Time" and "% Done" from "New Issue" screen
I'd love to remove the "Estimated Time" and "% Done" from "New Issue" screen, but can't seem to find a way to do so. ...
20:48 Redmine Help: Changing Order of Fields in "New Issue"
Does anyone know how I can change the order of the fields in the "New Issue" screen? I've tried moving the custom fie...


19:00 Redmine Help: Customizing Issue Start Numbers
Is there a way to customize Redmine to start at a number other than 1? I'd like to start a project at a high enough i...

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