Chad Heuschober

  • IRC nick: chadheus
  • Registered on: 2010-12-29
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Reported issues: 2


07:41 Redmine Defect #7213 (Closed): Copy project does not copy all roles and permissions
I found a small defect in the copy project behavior. We're running a slightly older version (1.0.2), however I...


21:11 Redmine Feature #3726: Trackers per Role
+1 one here.
We'd like to use a special tracker for our user stories so we can relate feature tracker issues back ...
21:02 Redmine Feature #7055: Default description per tracker.
+1 here, also noting this is a duplicate of #2931 which does have a suggested patch.


00:42 Redmine Feature #1330: Copy a Wiki Page
+1 to this. Much like duplicating an issue, duplicating a wiki template (with retention of the parent!) would be a fa...
23:29 Redmine Feature #6449: Edit a wiki page's parent on the edit page
+1 for this feature. It's almost impossible to get our more basic users to create a page, then go back to rename, and...
18:30 Redmine Feature #6236: Wikified custom fields
And one more duplicate for good faith: #5250. This one uses the URL patch as a workaround.
18:28 Redmine Feature #6236: Wikified custom fields
Ahh. Just found another duplicate: #7067
18:26 Redmine Feature #6236: Wikified custom fields
I think this issue is a duplicate of #1179 as-well. Seems the issue has a modicum of interest. It certainly has my +1.


20:12 Redmine Feature #7200 (New): Current Page Inheritance in Sidebar
I've seen the occasional requests and plugins for placement of the ToC in the wiki sidebar (like #4301 and ...

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