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Added by Curtis Stewart almost 15 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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We are trying to document our software project requirements and test cases in the project wiki. The simple reason is to allow multiple people to create and fix the items as we go along. To help, I have built some templates that can be used to make sure that we capture the data in a consistent format. We then just create issues to test the cases referencing the wiki pages. Works slick.

Since I have the formats, the only way I see that I can copy it to a new page is to cut and paste it into the new page. I would be simpler if I had an "include", "copy from" or some similar function.

I am aware that has changes occur to the format the old pages will not reflect the changes, but then neither do the paper versions I am doing currently.

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Updated by Chad Heuschober about 12 years ago

+1 to this. Much like duplicating an issue, duplicating a wiki template (with retention of the parent!) would be a fantastic help.

We could use this for our pain points (user stories), and the individuals who design these are not usually technically adept enough to build link to another wiki page much-less the steps required edit the template, copy the contents, return to the pain points page, create a link to a new pain point, click the link to edit the new pain point, and paste the template contents.

If it were possible to duplicate the template (and inherit the same parent), I could direct users to duplicate the template, give it a new name, and simply use child_pages to generate my list of known pain points.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 12 years ago

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Updated by Ivan Cenov almost 12 years ago

What if the templates have files and pictures attached? Should the copies share same files (these in the templates) or they have to be duplicated too?

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Updated by Terence Mill almost 12 years ago

Include a wiki page. Example:

Error executing the include macro (Page not found)

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Updated by Terence Mill almost 12 years ago

Terence Mill wrote:

Include a wiki page. Example:

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Updated by Jos Accapadi almost 12 years ago

The include won't be exactly what people need as that means any changes to that affect changes to anything the include is in, which is sometimes opposite of what people need.

Simplest case:
I have an example template that I want everyone to use that says -

Version 1.0.0
  • Requirements
  • Deployment
  • QA Checklist
Version 1.0.1
  • Requirements
  • Deployment
Version 2.0.0
  • Requirements
  • Deployment
  • QA Checklist

I would like them to just copy this template without having to go into the code, cut and paste into the new project, since version numbers may vary from project to project (which means that an include wouldn't work). A copy from project:wikipage would be nice here.

includes have their use case, but this is a different use case. Project managers run into this often with word documents being slightly modified from project to project.

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Updated by Jos Accapadi almost 12 years ago

In some way it is like the Duplicate function on an issue, except you can specify the target project wiki (come to think of it, duplicate on an issue and specifying a target project would be nice as well).

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Updated by Tomasz Sawicki about 11 years ago

Additional option for copying with child pages would be also nice...

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Updated by Jani Mähönen over 10 years ago


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Updated by David Rahusen over 10 years ago


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Updated by Arthur Zalevsky almost 10 years ago

we use wiki for educational courses which differs just in some details, so this feature would save much time, so +1

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Updated by José Roberto García Chico over 9 years ago

+1 for this feature: duplicate a wiki page and its children pages

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Updated by sebastien lemaitre almost 9 years ago

+1 for reuse a wiki page with attachments

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Updated by Mischa Mundwiler over 5 years ago

+1 - we use wiki pages for meeting minutes and a copy function of a predefined template would be awesome!

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Updated by Stefan Lindner about 5 years ago

+1 would be very useful

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Updated by Thierry CRESSON over 1 year ago

+1 short up for this feature :D


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