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11:24 Redmine Feature #1330: Copy a Wiki Page
+1 for this feature: duplicate a wiki page and its children pages


10:03 Redmine Development: RE: Redmine UML
Did you try to generate the UML from the code?


08:56 Redmine Plugins: Plug-in for integrate YaCy
Hi everybody!
I would like to create a plug-in for Redmine which will request "YaCy": to trigge...
08:44 Redmine Plugins: RE: How to new plugin in redmine 2.2.4
Did you check if [[Plugin Tutorial]] worked for you?


05:42 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXLionServer (#14)
To execute "git" in /Library/WebServer/Sites you need to be granted
05:41 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXLionServer (#13)
text format
05:40 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineInstallOSXLionServer (#12)
Troubleshooting for "sudo rake generate_secret_token"
04:09 Redmine Help: RE: Problem installing on Lion Server: undefined method `init' for Mysql:Class
Hi Har Monk,
I am also trying to install redmine-2.3.1 in my Mac, using macports, and fails in the same place. Did...

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