David Rahusen

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14:10 Redmine Patch #16719 (New): Redmine.pm patch for HTTP access of repositories by repo-name
I modified @extra/svn/Redmine.pm@ in order to provide access to repositories by repo-name rather than project-identif...


10:38 Redmine Feature #8991: Nested versions for projects with sub-projects
+1! Would be very useful for correct handling of subproject dependencies.


10:04 Redmine Feature #13347: Filtering by issue subject with wildcard
I am wondering this is not yet possible... :-(
09:29 Redmine Patch #6277: REST API for Search


13:15 Redmine Feature #7090: Roadmap in reverse order


17:36 Redmine Defect #13852: ActionView::Template::Error (incompatible character encodings: UTF-8 and ASCII-8BIT):
Erm, well, and what was the solution??


18:21 Redmine Help: RE: Edit the top menu
Yeah, thanks, just found that on my own...I've been trying that before, but within the wrong line... @-_-@
Thanks ...
17:45 Redmine Help: RE: Edit the top menu
Hey there, the linking to the global issues doesn't work for me, as long as I am currently using the controller with...


13:50 Redmine Feature #7269: Sort versions by version numbers x.y.z{z} instead of alphabetically


17:30 Redmine Feature #8481: View role permissions
Ain't there a wiki-macro or something like that?

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