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Filtering by issue subject with wildcard

Added by Philipp Zabel over 7 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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If I'm right it is not possible to filter issues by subject with a wildcard. This could be very useful, maybe by using "*" character.

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#1 Updated by Dipan Mehta over 7 years ago

+1. This would be great to have.

#2 Updated by David Rahusen over 6 years ago


I am wondering this is not yet possible... :-(

#3 Updated by Philipp Kroll almost 6 years ago

I'm also interested in this feature.

#4 Updated by Jos Groot Lipman almost 6 years ago

There is an undocumented way to do it. You can add these parameters to the URL:


All properly url-encoded this becomes:

I found this by creating a search-query in the GUI and examining the URL that was generated for that.

Again: this is undocumented and may change without notice in a future version but it solved my problem.

#5 Updated by Matthias Schelling over 5 years ago

can confirm the solution by Jos Groot Lipman is working, looking for a documented way though...

#6 Updated by JW Fuchs about 4 years ago

+1 for this to be implemented as a regular functionality.

#7 Updated by Stéphane Lavergne almost 2 years ago

Not sure when it appeared, but the direct prefix form of the ~ operator example in note 4 works for me in Redmine 3.4.1:


…so I suppose this issue can be closed?

#8 Updated by Stéphane Frath about 1 year ago

For anyone looking for an answer: the % character works as wildcard in the subject text field
Tested on Redmine 4.0.4

#9 Updated by Go MAEDA about 1 year ago

  • Related to Defect #19786: '%' and '_' are treated as SQL wildcards in issue filter added

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