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18:33 Redmine Feature #13347: Filtering by issue subject with wildcard
Not sure when it appeared, but the direct prefix form of the @~@ operator example in note 4 works for me in Redmine 3...
18:29 Redmine Wiki edit: Rest_Issues (#65)
Add example for undocumented ~ filtering operator


17:16 Redmine Feature #20691: Add ballot boxes (☐,☑,☒) to Lists in Wiki Textile/Mardown (Redcarpet)
FYI this can be accomplished somewhat cleanly by creating macros in a plugin. This is the quick hack which I used, s...


22:35 Redmine Patch #16364: Issue workflow doesn't force status transition though workflow is defined so
Olivier Houdas wrote:
> I have tested this patch and I do not agree with one of the changes in the patch:
> From

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