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Multiple search terms in the "contains" operator of text filters

Added by Go MAEDA about 1 month ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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I extracted the attached patch from #35073#note-4. The patch posted by Jens Krämer from Planio allows you to use multiple search terms in "contains" operator of text filters.

The alternative I am experimenting with right now is breaking up the user's query string into tokens like the global search does, and use these to build a query with multiple LIKE clauses that are combined with AND. I'm attaching a preliminary patch that implements this for the Issue.like scope (used by the autocompleter) and the Query#sql_contains method (which should cover all query filters). Do you think that's a viable approach?

It seems that the patch has already been deployed to the production environment of Planio. See Planio filters just got more powerful - Planio Support (english) - Planio Support

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