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16:59 Redmine Feature #5093: Mixing fixed percentages for issue statuses with variable percentages
+1 We just hit this issue, we turned on assigning %ages based on issue status, and now the manual capability is gone...


02:46 Redmine Feature #4885: Option to make time log comments field mandatory
+1, while a plugin is fine, since comments are used in details in reports, and other plugins use the same comment cap...


00:26 Redmine Feature #10264 (Closed): Add a check/uncheck all button to search
When getting search results, all items are checked. As more plugins are added, it extends the list of search items, ...


09:24 Redmine Feature #6464: Ability to set landing page after login
The plugin method works fine for us until such time as it can be an official part of core. We are trying to avoid pa...
09:11 Redmine Feature #9976 (New): View and edit all members assigned to a role or across all groups or projects
Having a problem where I have to go and define a new role and change a person's role from one to the other, and no ea...


07:47 Redmine Feature #1330: Copy a Wiki Page
In some way it is like the Duplicate function on an issue, except you can specify the target project wiki (come to th...
07:23 Redmine Feature #1330: Copy a Wiki Page
The include won't be exactly what people need as that means any changes to that affect changes to anything the includ...


02:49 Redmine Feature #7836: Ability to save Gantt query filters
Just found the need for this today, and no way to save a Gantt filter. Having to go back and redo it each tim...


08:48 Redmine Feature #7774: Sub groups or Multi-level groups
Forgot formatting isn't preserved by default....
08:46 Redmine Feature #7774 (New): Sub groups or Multi-level groups
Did a preliminary search, but did not find a feature request for this.
I see a need for having sub-groups as part ...

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