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10:40 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields
10:38 Redmine Feature #15340: Custom field referencing other tickets
10:36 Redmine Feature #7849: custom issue relation types


15:15 Redmine Feature #8258: Group collapsed/expanded state should be "sticky".
15:14 Redmine Feature #34003: collapsed groups per query
What I men is:
When I define a custom query AND I select "group by" then there sould be a checkbox "collapse groups"...
14:49 Redmine Feature #34003 (New): collapsed groups per query
If issues are grouped in a custom query then the grouped issues can be collapsed by klicking on them.
It would be he...


11:57 Redmine Feature #1233: change default homepage to My page
11:21 Redmine Feature #15358: Default value for "User" type custom field
+1 Please!


11:53 Redmine Defect #33766 (Closed): #31355 breaks project tree
Asume you jave a project tree (with sub projects like this
This is displayes we...


14:44 Redmine Defect #31770 (New): New shortcut for in-page wiki links shows link with leading #
As of #17455 (Easier anchor linking / Textile anchor links)
@[[#Helpful-links]]@ displays @#Helpful-links@ as link...

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