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13:36 Redmine Feature #35787: add IP address to "401 Unauthorized" log messages


10:10 Redmine Open discussion: RE: How to prevent users Log time on closed issues?
The patches still work with 4.1.1
We added another patch for the context menu to prevent time entries.
And we modif...


10:40 Redmine Feature #22026: Conditional custom fields
10:38 Redmine Feature #15340: Custom field referencing other tickets
10:36 Redmine Feature #7849: custom issue relation types


15:15 Redmine Feature #8258: Group collapsed/expanded state should be "sticky".
15:14 Redmine Feature #34003: collapsed groups per query
What I men is:
When I define a custom query AND I select "group by" then there sould be a checkbox "collapse groups"...
14:49 Redmine Feature #34003 (New): collapsed groups per query
If issues are grouped in a custom query then the grouped issues can be collapsed by klicking on them.
It would be he...


11:57 Redmine Feature #1233: change default homepage to My page
11:21 Redmine Feature #15358: Default value for "User" type custom field
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