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09:05 Redmine Feature #202: Textilization of Documents, News and Timelog-entry comments
+1 Textlization of the spent time comments would be very useful.
I confirmed that the patch posted by @Marius in #20...


07:36 Redmine Defect #16329: right click on an issue ignore fields permissions
To fix this problem, I think it is enough to check that @safe_attributes contains 'tracker_id' as well as other attri...


06:46 Redmine Defect #35090: Permission check of the setting button on the issues page mismatches button semantics
I made a patch to fix & test the issue #35090, and attach it.
04:29 Redmine Feature #33422: Re-implement admin project list using ProjectQuery system
I made a patch to allow ProjectQuery filters on the admin project list and attach it.
After applying the patch, Pr...


06:58 Redmine Feature #35920 (New): Display caption of "Group by column" on the grouped issues list
After specifying group option on issues list, It may be difficult to know what group option specified for list (e.g. ...


04:31 Redmine Patch #12664: MyPage block for latest forum posts
Takenori TAKAKI wrote:
> How about not showing content in the list at all?
> The content of the message is not show...
04:09 Redmine Feature #5325: Add Parent Task to 'Group Results By' drop down
+1 I think Issues list would be more useful if grouping by Parent Task can be realized.
I made a patch that works on...


08:15 Redmine Feature #35657: Spent time ratio column and filter
I think filtering and sorting spent_time_ratio will be a useful feature to know the status of the project.
I will ...


15:04 Redmine Feature #13099: Issue Summary: add statistics about issues without assignee, version or category
Go MAEDA wrote:
> Thank you for posting the patch but I found that the string 'none' is hard-coded. I think internat...
10:17 Redmine Feature #15855: Add information about whether an issue is open or closed to Issues API response
I'll post a patch that also adds open or closed to 'allowed_statuses', which was added in #24976.

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