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08:38 Redmine Patch #3754: add some additional URL paths to robots.txt
My site is also getting hammer on /repositories and /issues. Seems somewhat pointless to disallow access to these res... Brad Schick


17:50 Redmine Feature #2340: Self-registration needs captcha
Jean-Baptiste, if those techniques worked as well as CAPTCHA more people would use them. The main problem is the most... Brad Schick


08:50 Redmine Defect #3480 (Closed): Bot filter plugin crashes when missing useragent
Using the [[BotsFilterPlugin]], I noticed exceptions when there was no useragent in a request. I applied the followin... Brad Schick


02:44 Redmine Defect #3441 (Closed): Too many session files
I have a redmine install on Liunx 32bit, Apache2, Thin that is not very busy. The number of files in my redmine/tmp/s... Brad Schick


07:47 Redmine Help: RE: Session overload
Do no reply mean no one else has seen this? Brad Schick
07:46 Redmine Help: vendor/rails in source download
I was about to install 0.8.4 downloaded from rubyforge and noticed that there is a vendor/rails directory in the sour... Brad Schick


09:52 Redmine Open discussion: Distributed version control
Many modern distributed version control systems encourage a usage model where branches are separate stand-alone repos... Brad Schick
09:22 Redmine Help: Session overload
This may be a rails issue, but I've the number of files in my redmine/tmp/sessions folder get huge, over 125,000 at o... Brad Schick


06:33 Redmine Defect #2786: Can not view some issues as pdf
Is there a patch that can be applied to 0.8.1 stable? Brad Schick


11:18 Redmine Defect #2786 (Closed): Can not view some issues as pdf
I am running 0.8.1 on Ubuntu 8.04 and some issues can no longer be displayed as pdfs. I'm not sure why some issues ca... Brad Schick

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