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18:11 Redmine Feature #7812 (New): Display recent threads/messages in Forum module
The 2 very beneficial features in Forums module are:
1. Show the new posts since your last login
2. Show the new re...
Majid Tajamolian


18:59 Redmine Feature #7714 (Closed): It seems that the "New Issue" tab should be moved to the "Issues"
"New Issue" has a meaning like "Add News" , "New File" , "New Message" and so on.
If the latter selections are locat...
Majid Tajamolian
18:31 Redmine Defect #7713 (Closed): Internal Error in Wiki with default language set to Persian
If the "default language" in Administration->Settings->Display set to "Persian" then all Wikis produce "Internal Erro... Majid Tajamolian
17:11 Redmine Feature #7711 (Closed): Jalali Calendar
Jalali (Hijri Shamsi) calendar is one of the most accurate calendars world-wide.
Support for it in great RedMine can...
Majid Tajamolian
16:47 Redmine Feature #7710 (Closed): Hierarchial Documents Module
Current Document module has a flat behavior.
It's so beneficial if we have a hierarchical Documents module.
Majid Tajamolian
15:53 Redmine Patch #7418 (Reopened): Redmine Persian Translation
Strings of calendar legend are ommited. Majid Tajamolian

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