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22:20 Redmine Feature #1237: Add support for two-factor authentication
+1 for dual-factor authentication support


20:26 Redmine Feature #5837: Merge Projects


17:56 Redmine Feature #14431 (Resolved): Additional User data field (comments)
Found my solution - User Custom Fields are already there. Thank you!


00:08 Redmine Feature #14431 (Closed): Additional User data field (comments)
We would like an additional free-text field associated with each user account. This would also be visible in the Use...
23:53 Redmine Feature #14413: Add custom field statuses (aka, lock fields)
Would this also be possible with Issue Statuses? They too, can get messy after a while and would be nice to not have...


21:38 Redmine Feature #14067 (New): Request more granular User List for Custom Fields - User Groups
Thank you for implementing referencing the User list for use in Custom Fields. Request adding granularity options so...


20:53 Redmine Defect #14053 (New): Tracker Order Bug - Tracker without workflow for a Role eclipses any Tracker...
User's role allows "Add Issues"
Role has a functioning workflow in tracker "B"
Role does not have a work...


23:31 Redmine Feature #8417: per tracker configurable issue form layout with preview
+1 for this feature
23:30 Redmine Defect #13759 (New): When moving from one tracker to another, with different fields, data is lost.
We greatly appreciate that in 2.2.2 you can move issues from one tracker to another, with different fields, sucessful...


19:40 Redmine Help: RE: Create a Custom Field that defaults to the Current Date
I'd also love to know how this works. I'd like it to act like how the "Start Date" field defaults to today.

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