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17:21 Redmine Feature #29660: Add Referrer-Policy header to prevent browsers from sending private data to exter...
It looks like _strict-origin-when-cross-origin_ is already set by Rails 5 default settings, see https://guides.rubyon...


11:52 Redmine Wiki edit: RedmineReceivingEmails (#92)
Restore content


17:32 Redmine Defect #26780 (Closed): Translation for label_week in time report is not working
Translation for label_week is not working in time report, because i18n translation is used duplicated.
Attached is...


11:38 Redmine Help: RE: Plugin Rate - Error Installing || RateHelper ||
Hi sferreira,
you have to use *redmine_rate* as directory name for this plugin and not *redmine_rate-master*. Be a...


09:05 Redmine Patch #23196: Speed up Project.allowed_to_condition
I created a script to create testing data:


08:17 Redmine Patch #23196: Speed up Project.allowed_to_condition
We had the same performance issue and this patch solved the problem for us.


07:35 Redmine Patch #23980: Replace images with icon fonts
I would prefer the Font-Mfizz solution. It does not require much more server load using it (there are a lot less serv...


14:28 Redmine Wiki edit: Theme_List (#399)
Bavaria dawn theme has been removed, because it is not longer supported


20:40 Redmine Wiki edit: PluginRate (#4)


16:14 Redmine Defect #20244: Upgrade from 2.6 to 3.0 (Stable) :: Is not a valid date by all Date fields
This problem has been fixed with the latest redmine_tweaks update, see

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