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button_save_object should not downcase label_query

Added by Alexander Meindl about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Introduced with #34494 for translation :button_save_object the object_name uses label_query with downcase.

In German (and most likely other languages, too) the translation for label_query has to stay with an upper letter. abfrage speichern is currently generated with downcase, but it should be "Abfrage speichern"

The attached patch removes downcase from :button_save_object.


remove_downcase_for_button_object_name.patch (4.53 KB) remove_downcase_for_button_object_name.patch Alexander Meindl, 2022-05-04 10:50
Do_not_downcase_labels.patch (7.38 KB) Do_not_downcase_labels.patch Patch for Redmine 5 Thomas Löber, 2023-01-10 14:40

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Related to Redmine - Patch #36905: German translation update for 5.0-stableClosedGo MAEDA

Actions #1

Updated by Alexander Meindl about 2 years ago

Found another problem with the same change for deleting issues. #31278 uses downcase for :label_issue. This cannot be used for German. In German it has to be Ticket not ticket.

Actually this problem exists with:

  • :button_save_object
  • :button_edit_object
  • :button_delete_object

For each of these labels object_name uses downcase, which makes Redmine looks very strange in German (I'd not say unusable - but very unprofessional).

If we want to stick with :button_*_object, we need a lower case and an upper case label for all objects. E.g. label_issue and label_Issue. label_query and label_Query. But which language need the lower label and which the upper label? Because of this (unsolvable?) question, it would be better to revert :button_*_object introduction. Maybe switch to buttons with isolated label, as label_save_issue and label_save_query.

Please ignore my patch, it would only remove downcase for label_query, which does not solve all problems related to :button_*_object.

Actions #2

Updated by Go MAEDA about 2 years ago

  • Related to Patch #36905: German translation update for 5.0-stable added
Actions #3

Updated by der gl0wn over 1 year ago

Is it possible to foresee approximately when these changes will be deployed live here?

Actions #4

Updated by Alexander Meindl over 1 year ago

Is nobody interested to solve this annoying bug? This bug is not even on the roadmap. Easiest solution would be to revert #34494.

Actions #5

Updated by Pan Tau over 1 year ago

We have the same problem.
For English or other languages that do not care about Uppercase the current solution may work,
but all other languages have an problem with this.
Please let the users decide how to write it right
and add for the cases of #34494, #31278 and similar tickets new labels in the "language".yml
und stop the downcasing of labels.

Actions #6

Updated by Thomas Löber over 1 year ago

I have extended Alexander's patch to include the new downcased labels from Redmine 5.


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