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09:54 Redmine Defect #37072: button_save_object should not downcase label_query
We have the same problem.
For English or other languages that do not care about Uppercase the current solution may ...
Pan Tau


12:06 Redmine Defect #37364 (Closed): Complex ticket search causes 500 Internal Server Error
If you execute an complex ticket search like the following, than the application returns an 500 Internal Srver Error.... Pan Tau


12:31 Redmine Defect #33647: Paste images from the clipboard does not work when editing existing issue notes
Go MAEDA wrote:
> I think the cause of this issue and #32728 is the same.
> Currently, Redmine does not accept ...
Pan Tau


13:25 Redmine Defect #35734 (New): Comments are not shown correctly in Outlookmails when using nummeration where PRE-Blocks are included
If your comment has the following structure
# First number
# Second number...
Pan Tau


11:57 Redmine Defect #35579: Label search for watcher shows all users of all projects when adding an new issue
Thx for quick answer and help.
By reducing the projects step by step and testing afterwards i finally found out the ...
Pan Tau


11:35 Redmine Defect #35579 (Closed): Label search for watcher shows all users of all projects when adding an new issue
If you want to add an *new* issue with some watchers,
than you can use the following function.
Pan Tau


08:08 Redmine Defect #35252 (Closed): Project Versions: Default version is not editable
If you create a new version, then you are able to set it as "Default version".
After creating y...
Pan Tau


11:02 Redmine Defect #35102 (New): Issue Tracking Details are showning issue statuses even if they are not used within the project
The Issue Tracking Details show all issue statuses of all trackers used in the project,
even if no project-role use...
Pan Tau


08:58 Redmine Defect #35074 (Closed): Redmine 4.2.0 + Localizable 0.4.0: Internal Error entering Plugin Setting Page
Sunding Wei found this sollution Pan Tau
08:47 Redmine Feature #3972: Translation for field values
Thank you Sunding Wei! :-)
I tested your solution on Redmine 4.2.0.
And it works.
Pan Tau

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