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16:54 Redmine Feature #7982: Folding project list (expand/collapse)
A possible Solution:
I finaly gave up the idea with folding correctly. I guess its possible as well - but I am usi...


13:57 Redmine Feature #15966 (New): Option inside request URL for only showing issue body without menues on top
It would be great, if one could chose by the url to request only part of the html page.
Like a rest request I am o...


09:36 Redmine Open discussion: Is there a solution for parking tickets and receiving "follow-up" / "resubmissi...
I like to "park" tickets, which are not needed for some time.
I know, I can give them a status "parked" and filter b...
09:31 Redmine Open discussion: Any GOOD and RELEVANT information on "how to update a Bitnami Redmine Stack" ?
Hi everyone,
I need some help in updating a Bitnami Redmine Stack under Windows.
Last time I ended up in reinstal...


11:07 Redmine Feature #2117: Alternative view for "Projects" page
Same things for me.
Is there any progress in this matter ? Anyone did something with the ideas ? any plans how...
09:26 Redmine Feature #7982 (New): Folding project list (expand/collapse)
Dear Redmine Team,
I would realy like to possibility to fold (collapse) a projectlist by maybe a +/- button or ico...


14:34 Redmine Defect #5373: Translation missing when adding invalid watchers
Watchers seem to be invalid, if their personal settings are corrupted.
After migrating a 1.1.0 installation from o...

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