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Alternative view for "Projects" page

Added by Toni Kerschbaum over 15 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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When handling multiple projects with one Redmine installation, the "Projects" page soon gets rather confusing.
Style wise it is well designed, but this design is not very well suited to display many projects at once.

We are managing a ever growing number of projects with Redmine. The feedback is very positive, except for the projects page, where people are rather confused the first time. After becoming acquainted with it, the feedback gets better, but it is not possible to quickly search for projects.

I know there is the dropdown menu AND the search field, but people tend to use the projects page anyway.

After doing a small poll at work, I made a list of what people think the main problems are
  • you need to scroll, even with a relatively small number of projects
  • distinction between project entries is rather hard
  • it is not possible to reorder the list in any way
Therefore, I am proposing a new view for the projects page. Main features should be
  • compact view with multiple projects on one page (table with some columns perhaps)
  • smaller overall font size
  • description as tooltip or shorter description
  • order by assigned projects first, then alphabetically

Maybe a detailed list view similar to the administrative projects list could be handy too, as could be a switch or menu where the view style can be selected (current view for a small number of projects, new view or list view for many projects).

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Actions #1

Updated by Daniel Thorpe about 14 years ago

Kinda gotta agree on this. I'm using Redmine with over 40 projects. Having more than one column on the Projects page would be a big advantage.

Actions #2

Updated by Antonio Montesinos about 14 years ago

I agree too. It is very uncomfortable the way the projects page are shown / managed.
+1 for this option

Actions #3

Updated by Denis Tomashenko about 14 years ago


Actions #4

Updated by Anonymous about 14 years ago


Maybe to list subprojects in one line with decreasing font size as the level gets deeper?

Actions #5

Updated by Jeffrey Jones about 14 years ago

I would have thought a grid layout would be easiest. Each main project is one Grid-box and all subprojects are listed underneath inside that grid-box in roughly the same manner as now.

I think that would provide a reasonable use of space. For example:

|Main Project1|Main Project2|
| Sub-1       | Sub-1       |
| Sub-2       |             |
|   Sub-sub 3 |             |
|Main Project3|Main Project2|
|             | Sub-1       |
|             |  Sub-sub2   |
|             |             |

Or something along those lines. Bonus point is that those with large screens see more projects on screen at anyone time (floated div grid)

Actions #6

Updated by Pedro Gutierrez almost 14 years ago

Something must be done wrt this. It is a little bit annoying

Actions #7

Updated by Eraldo Girardi almost 14 years ago

Same things I heard from my users

Actions #8

Updated by loic Le Gallou over 13 years ago

+1. Agree.

Actions #9

Updated by Terence Mill over 13 years ago


Admin's Tab Project-List is better structured and searchable

Actions #10

Updated by Patrick Meidl over 13 years ago


also I totally agree with Terence Mill, the projects list in administration would be a much better starting point for me.

what I would also like to suggest is to add direct links to different tabs of a project (e.g. to directly to Issues or Wiki from the global project list).

Actions #11

Updated by Frank Helk over 13 years ago

How about making it similar to the tickets list ... various filters, custom sorting, choice of fields to display (or not), and a way to store those settings. Along with a way to collapse the subproject tree branches.

Actions #12

Updated by Pompapathi Gadad about 13 years ago

I agree with Frank Helk... projects page similar to tickets list will be very useful.

Actions #13

Updated by Christian Ziegelt about 13 years ago

Same things for me.

Is there any progress in this matter ? Anyone did something with the ideas ? any plans how to go on in this ? Any Help needed by doing the changes ?

Actions #15

Updated by Dave Lowndes almost 13 years ago

+1 (where's the damn vote button?)

I want a favorites so I can pick and choose my short project list rather than have it automated with projects I'm involved in (but not active in).

Actions #16

Updated by Denis Peplin over 11 years ago

Simple projects table plugin:

Not sure it is really useful at the moment, but can be a good starting point.

Actions #17

Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

The simple table plugin does a nice job of compressing the list, which might be enough to 'solve' this page for a lot of people.

There's also a plugin called project accordion. It isn't quite as compressed, but it's a collapsible view of projects, so you only see the top level until you start clicking through.

Either goes a long, LONG way toward addressing layout concerns, but honestly, these need to be built into Redmine so we don't lose them as plug-in developers move to other things in life in the future (DMSF, I'm looking at you).

Actions #18

Updated by Denis Peplin over 11 years ago

Plugin ProjectTable updated, now it seems good enough to really replace default Projects view for those, who don't wont anything more complex, that default Projects page, but wants to see it more compact.

I've registered plugin in catalog:

Actions #19

Updated by Jacob Skinner over 10 years ago

+1 here for native support...... is this being looked at still or what?

Issue staus is 'new' from 5 years ago and is a serious limitationto the top level view of Redmine

Actions #20

Updated by Frank Helk over 10 years ago

+1 for native support, too.

Actions #21

Updated by minkbear minkbear over 10 years ago

+1 too.

Actions #22

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 9 years ago

  • Related to Feature #805: Allow projects view to be sorted by activity added
Actions #23

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 9 years ago

Actions #24

Updated by Zer Guz almost 9 years ago

+1 Should be more similar to administrative projects list

Actions #25

Updated by Marius BĂLTEANU about 4 years ago

  • Is duplicate of Feature #29482: Query system for Projects page added
Actions #26

Updated by Marius BĂLTEANU about 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Resolution set to Fixed

Most of the requests were been implemented in #29482, the Projects list page now supports queries and two views: as table list or as board list (grid).

Please open a new issue if something is missing.


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