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19:19 Redmine Feature #6118: Filter by parent task or subtasks
+1 (display should include indirect subtasks in order to see the full branches related to a top parent task) loic Le Gallou


19:13 Redmine Feature #2850: Add next/previous navigation to issue
+1 loic Le Gallou


21:42 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Percentage done
++1 loic Le Gallou


19:31 Redmine Feature #6571: Totalise numeric columns
+1. Remaining time computation based on Estimated time and progress would be also very usefull. loic Le Gallou


08:46 Redmine Feature #6409 (Closed): Define default langage to a project (for email)
The redmine global setting "default language" is used for selecting the language of the mail notification.
We use ...
loic Le Gallou


19:32 Redmine Feature #2117: Alternative view for "Projects" page
+1. Agree. loic Le Gallou


23:24 Redmine Feature #2024: gantt chart editing
Eric Davis wrote:
> Just wanted to let everyone here know, I have a *huge* rewrite of the Gantt chart I'm working on...
loic Le Gallou


18:41 Redmine Feature #2679 (Reopened): Ticket grouping
I've tested again with revision r2796, the problem is still there : custom field are in the "filter" list but not in ... loic Le Gallou


14:58 Redmine Feature #3430 (Closed): Main project version management : link with sub-projects version
We have several software products which are composed of independent programs. Each version of a product refers to a d... loic Le Gallou


19:34 Redmine Feature #3337 (Closed): Button Next/Previous on issue form
When browsing a selection of issues (bug review for example), user must go back to issues list in order to select the... loic Le Gallou

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