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17:41 Redmine Feature #10568: Real-Time Collaborative Editor Wiki
Terence Mill wrote in #note-2:
> This is dupe of #3921
I don't think it is a duplicate of that ticket.
Rohit Thakral
17:40 Redmine Feature #10568: Real-Time Collaborative Editor Wiki
+1 Iam in search for it now. Ideally something with HTML as a number to our users don't know about Markdown. Rohit Thakral


19:14 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Custom Field on Users of Format User
Thanks Tom for the detailed answer.
I may go down the route of plugin development.
Rohit Thakral


17:48 Redmine Open discussion: Custom Field on Users of Format User
Hi All
I have a use case to extend the "User" custom field format to be available for "Users" list.
Once this ...
Rohit Thakral


12:28 Redmine Job offers: Need someone to help us with this ticket
If you go through the ticket above you will understand.
The lang...
Rohit Thakral


11:06 Redmine Help: RE: A few smtp servers in configuration.yml
So this seems to be my lucky day as we have the same set of requirements and I came to the forum to post this as a ne... Rohit Thakral


17:37 Redmine Help: RE: RedMine OAuth
Sorry but I am updating as much information as I can on this.
Microsoft's blog on this is here. https://learn.mic...
Rohit Thakral
17:31 Redmine Help: RE: RedMine OAuth - Modern Authentication
Just updating the subject so that it is searchable for that keyword as well. Rohit Thakral
17:30 Redmine Help: RE: RedMine OAuth
I haven't seen an update but will be interested in this as well as happy to support as well if anyone knows a way to ... Rohit Thakral


07:50 Redmine Help: Learning Management System for Redmine
Hi Guys
We have a Redmine instance and we would like to offer a Learning Management System to our customers/users....
Rohit Thakral

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